HYPEX (UNIMOTION) is a fast-growing European innovator in the field of industrial automatization with a worldwide developed sales network.
The fast-growing family company was established in 1990. After several years of experience in metal processing as a contractor, the company Hypex (Unimotion) was created and operated in the field of customized machinery, offering individual and integrated solutions such as testing machines and assembly lines with its own development. Experience in long-term individual technology solutions has led the company to become a global linear motion technology solution provider.

What makes Unimotion different to the rest?
Our way of thinking and working. We guarantee high capacity, flexibility and precision and we are constantly upgrading with latest technology.
We export our products worldwide. Inspired by our customers’ requirement, Unimotion is constantly developing new products and system solutions.

Engineering, production, construction and warehouse – all under one roof!
At Hypex, high production capacities are guaranteed by modern processing and measuring equipments, a bold concept, and our diverse CNC machines that enable high accurate machining and flexibility in manufacturing and delivery time.
Personalized service and fast response time to your individual needs
Our experts go through extensive training and are able to solve any problems you may have with your project as well as quickly and efficiently guide you to ensure the best possible solution.
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