LICAT was founded in Turin in 1961 by Vittorio Apicella, and our first factory was situated in the well-known industrial area of “Borgo San Paolo”. As a chosen supplier to major national manufacturers, the company has always specialised both in the construction of special transmission parts and in the manufacture of precision gearing systems.

The rapid growth of the company during the following years forced LICAT to transfer to a larger site and in 1967 the company moved to the new industrial area in Grugliasco, just outside Turin, and later, in 1974 a second plant was built in Alpignano, which specialised in the manufacture of ground racks and large size gears and pinions.

Straight and helical precision racks and pinions, assembly gauges, zero-backlash gearboxes, 2-stage gearboxes (powerbox). Download our catalogue where you will find all the details about our standard products.

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